Topcon Reflectorless Total Station (ES Series)


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High Capacity EDM


  • Reflectorless Distance Measurement Prism without the distance between can measure 500 meter.
  • Laser Pointer & Laser Guide contained want to measure it contained his point can be easily measured.
  • Data down / up Load (USB Key) You can Use down
  • 5" Accuracy
  • Advanced Security and Maintenance with New TSshield
  • Fast and Powerful EDM, Exclusive Longlink Communications
  • Unsurpassed Angle Accuracy, Super Long Battery Life-36 Hours!
  • Metal chasis,Water/Dust Proof

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​ဤ​ဆိုင်​တွင်​ရောင်း​ချ​သော ​ကုန်​ပ​စ္စည်း​များ​အား ​ဝယ်​ယူ​ပြီး​နောက် ​ပြန်​လည်​လဲ​လှယ်​ခွင့် ​နှင့် ​ငွေ​ပြန်​အမ်း​ခြင်း ​ဝန်​ဆောင်​မှု ​မ​ရ​ရှိ​နိုင်​ပါ။
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