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Lucky Star Sand Mobile Phone Chain

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Short Description

  • The latest & fashionable arrival pentagram contains sand.
  • Real love of Okinawa
  • From the southern island chain of mobile phone's star of sand
  • From a mysterious island of Okinawa starlight gravel mobile chain
  • During the day, they are a little pot of sand, ordinary evening, incredible thing happened, the TA will shine in the darkness of the night sky with austral romantic tales.
  • Have any security code, scraping coating, inquires the true!
  • There are lots of friends say bottle size is small,
  • Actual size about 3 centimeters tall, big enough for hanging on the mobile phone


  • Brand Name : star sand phone chain
  • Material : Okinawa to walk the gravel
  • Size : 2.8x1.5x1.5CM
  • Model Number : phone chain
  • color : Blue, Green
  • Type : Valentine's Day gift
  • style : phone chain

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