This page will guide you how to use E-Commerce platform in order to buy/sell as well as doing own business.

Below points are showing how to buy, how to sell to have easy steps while using ZawGyi Mart.

Anyone can buy anything that selling in ZawGyi Mart.

ZawGyi Mart Web offers localization to have easy steps to use for Myanmar Nation. Users must register in ZawGyi Mart in order to buy or sell or both. There are user guide that how to do buying/selling in ZawGyi Mart by simple steps.

1.Find the products by categories

2. After clicking the product, you will be able to see “ Buy Now “ and “ Add To Cart “ buttons, then, use “ Add To Cart “ if you still want to buy more products.

3. When you complete to choose products, use “ Buy Now “ button which will lead you to next step.

4. Firstly, you need to put billing address and then, put shipping address, if you want us to ship specific address.

5. Secondly, you need to choose delivery system that you prefer since there are many systems.

Eg: Same day delivery, Next day delivery, Free shipping

6. Third, you need to choose payment system.

7. After payment is done, ZawGyi Mart will serve you to deliver products as agreed by you.

How to register?

You have to register in ZawGyi Mart Website in order to have easy buying or selling.

ZawGyi Mart is making you to have easy registration by mobile number of email address.

Below steps are making registering

1. If you want to use mobile number to register

Name must be put

Mobile No must be put ( eg; +959253027002 or 09253027002 )

#Note : Ooredoo and Telenor numbers need to put +95 or 09

Password must be put and reconfirm.
Then, you can click Register.
In a while, you will be able to receive SMS which are 6 digits and put those for verification to finish the last step of registering.

2. If you want to use email to register.

  • Name must be put
  • Email must be put
  • Password must be put and reconfirm.
  • In a while, you will be able to receive email from ZawGyi Mart to finish the last step of registering.

How To pay

You will be offered below payments systems

1. 663 Mobile Money

2. 123 Payment

3. MPU

4. MyanPay


6. CB Mobile Banking