Privacy Policy
Securing the personal data
  • Zawgyi Mart has established a policy of securing the customers’ personal information at the highest priority and assures the customers of no loss of private data. We are willingly expecting the customers’ feedback at all time so that we can maintain our website synchronize with our privacy statement and give our best for keeping the customers’ data safe. With this unique policy, collecting, applying, maintaining and exposing the descriptions of the customers would be made. This policy will have effect on every commodity and service Zawgyi Mart provide.
Personal information
  • To gather the information from the customers, Zawgyi Mart is going to use all means, unlimited or at all costs. When the visitor browses Zawgyi Mart, make a registration and an order, get the newsfeed or fill in the form, we will confirm the customer’s name, email address, address, mobile number, data of payment and the number of registration card through available performance, service, capacity, sources if necessary.
  • Not only the personal but also the other data of customers will be accumulated. The other information accumulated will include the technical data like the browser’s name, the computer model and system running inside, the internet provider and so on.{' '}
  • Zawgyi Mart uses cookie technology for the purpose of customers’ convenience. We put the cookie into the client’s browser to take record or sometimes research the data. Here, the customer can accept or deny our cookies or alarm when the cookie is released. However, some performance could not be achieved ordinarily.
Applying the accumulated information
  • Zawgyi Mart is going to access the gathered information for the following purposes –
    • To promote services
      • The data customers provide would help us to fulfill the customers’ will To provide more natural user experience for customers With the help of data we collected, we would understand how the customers are using our services and resources
    • To upgrade our website
      • Based on the customers’ feedback, we are going to make our products as well as services better.
    • To purchase the products
      • The data filled in the order form by the customers themselves would be used for conveying the products to the customers. Apart from this, we are not going to share the information with anyone else for any reason.
    • To carry out promotion, contest, survey and other activities
      • Only the possible interest for the customers in agreement would be informed.
    • To use in emailing
      • The customers’ data would be used in emailing for the order and answering further questions and requests made by the customers. If the user agreed to receive the email alert from Zawgyi Mart, he or she will get the news about our company, new products and services, and other related staffs. If the user is no longer willing to receive the emails any more, the means could be found below at the end of the email.
How we are protecting your private information
  • We will not let the unconcerned persons use or change or expose the customers’ personal data including name, password, payment code and others for unfit reasons and purposes, and to do so, we use all various ways to collect, keep, calculate and secure them.
  • In transferring very important secret information between Zawgyi Mart and its customers, digitalized passcodes are used via SSL route.
    Sharing personal information
  • We do not sell or hire the customers’ personal data no matter what. Other data like ratio of user population which are not directly concerned with the data of customers would be shared with partner companies and advertisers. In doing emailing and collecting surveys, we are going to use service providers, third parties, to keep our business and website running. In such circumstance, we have to share the customers’ data to some extent.
Changing policy
  • Zawgyi Mart will change its policy when it is needed to do so. When it comes to change our policy, the amended date would be provided at the end of the page and also email would be sent. Occasionally, the customers visit our website and study how we are keeping the data safe. We would take it for granted that the customers understand and agree to follow our policy.
Security for the dealers
  • Dealers can sell their products effectively as the price available has been categorized. Payment has been made safe and easy by connecting with the service providers, dealers could be rest assures selling their products.
High security payment system
  • 663 (mobilemoney) mobile payment
  • 123 (one-stop service) payment
  • MPU (ATM Card) payment
  • Myanpay (Onlinemoney) payment
  • Paypal (Onlinemoney) payment
  • CB Bank (Mobile bank) payment
As the companies providing services for payment have been organized with internationally experienced staffs, customers and dealers at Zawgyi Mart can buy and sell whatever they like comfortably.