Refund Policy

Guarantee for customers

An agreement concerning with the guarantee of goods between some suppliers (a company or a person) and ZawGyi Mart has been achieved. Some commodity contains logo of agreement. So, customers can comfortably buy any sort of goods carrying that logo.

ZawGyi Mart is going to take responsibility for the products which fail to agree with the mentioned guarantee.

Refunding with immediate effect

On the condition that the product with logo does not match with the standard of quality and colour when received, then it could be returned without damaging the original packing. As soon as we receive the returned item, refunding will be made almost at once in original prices.

Taking out refund

Customers using one of the payment systems provided by ZawGyi Mart will be reimbursed in a short time.

If the payment systems are found inconvenient, the customers can come to the Za Information Technology Company and get the refund.