About us
  • Customers will be guaranteed for the quality of the products provided by ZawGyi Mart.
(1) Best ever Services
  • To provide the right quanlity and level products at the lowest price, the products are imported directly from the manufacturers, so that customers are satisfied with reasonable prices.
  • Hundred percent genuine products
  • Reasonable prices
  • Special discounts are always available
  • Door to door delivery services
  • Every customer will be fully satisfied from having weekly special discount programs, receiving gifts and home delivery from ZawGyi Mart.
(2) User friendliness
  • Easy-to-use methods are selected for every customers to buy coveniently from ZawGyi Mart.
(3) Simple and easy technique
  • As user friendly and globally recognized E-Commerce CMS system is being used, customers can look up to the items in a minimum time.
  • Being able to search easily, having sufficient information, comparing and contrasting products and comfortably picking up an order in ZawGyi Mart. The products sold in ZawGyi Mart are listed with detailed information, as well as ordering products by using easy and simple registration or sign in for customers.
(4) Reliable Payment
  • Online payment system, system of transferring money through banks and settling payment when the product is received can be used.
(5) Safe Security System
  • Holding the globally recognized SSL Certificate, not only Paypal, an international payment system, but also MPU, a national payment system, can be used.
  • Holding SSL Certificate
  • Being able to buy with Paypal
  • Connecting with MPU
  • Securing Privacy Data
  • A confirmation letter is sent as soon as data of payment is received. In addition, since there is a 24-hour service, the Customer Support Team will provide full-time support.
  • Under the management of Za Information Technology Company Limited, the quality of the products will be assured by the name of the company. Moreover, ZawGyi Mart E-Commerce Website, an online market which helps the public do online shopping on the Internet via E-Commerce, will serve as a bridge between the dealers and customers by advertising, selling and providing door to door delivery services.
  • ZawGyi Mart E-Commerce Website has been commenced since 21st May 2013 at 00:01 hour.