Copyright and Plagiarism

  • The logo of a zawgyimart, zawgyi is carrying a stick and a basket, with the text, “ZawGyi Mart,” has been registered at the Document Registration Department, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
  • The logo of Zawgyimart, is the property of Za Information Technology Company. Therefore, only companies and firms which make agreement with Zawgyimart, associated partner companies and interest sharing ones, can access the Zawgyimart logo in exact colour and shape symmetrically in the agreed circumstance.
  • As majority of images on the Zawgyimart website has been created in the studio of Zawgyimart, they belong to the Za Information Technology Company and so no other company or person will have privilege to use them. Only suppliers, associated partner companies and commercial companies will be allowed to use the photos without modifying and only on Zawgyimart.
  • Other illustration, works of arts as well as icons also belong to the Za Information Technology Company and will be described on associated projects of Zawgyimart.
  • Related partner firms (eg. Interest sharing companies, suppliers, media and printing) will have the right to use the logo only after the request has been made and accepted by Za Information Technology Company.