Customer Service
(1) Services brought to you by Zawgyimart
  • For ZawgyiMart's customers, information about technology, payment and delivery services will be announced and addressed daily.
  • Cancellation and exchanging the order The order can be cancelled if the delivery process is not carried out yet. However, it cannot be undone if the process is underway. Despite that, the customer can still refuse the products by purchasing only the cost of delivering.
(2) The order can be annulled if it meets with one of the following conditions -
  • - malfunctioning products
  • - wrong items
  • - incomplete products
  • - inconvenient goods
(3) Malfunctioning products
  • Customers can return the product if it is broken when received.
  • Refunding will be carried out if the product is already paid.
(4) Wrong items
  • Refunding will be made if the product in hand does not match with the one ordered.
(5) Incomplete products
  • Customer should email or dial the number 011220731 on the condition that any part of the product has been lost or the item received is defective.
  • No extra cost will be charged for the second time delivery for the exchange of the defective item.
(6) Inconvenient goods
  • During guarantee period, if the product is not working properly, the customer can directly contact the provider through Customer Service. Customers are best advised to contact the provider directly.{' '}
  • The provider's details mentioned on the warranty card can be contacted. Also every detail of the item can be browsed on the website.{' '}
(7) Revising the order
  • Before making an order, details of the order should be reviewed thoroughly as mis-ordering could happen like the resolution of the computer produces a different color.{' '}
(8) Updating the personal file
  • Due to different circumstances, if it is needed to change the address and mobile number, the person should sign into the account and amend the data as necessary.