Warranty & Service

Warranty of exchanging

Variety of goods at ZawGyi Mart comprises variety of warranty depending on the suppliers. Renowned brands and those which have the warranty of exchanging goods with new ones are promised to meet the warranty provided.

Repairing without charge

Most of the electronic products available at ZawGyi Mart consist of detailed description of warranty. And if the customers buy them, they will attain full warranty mentioned on the products.

Delivery Service

We would like the customers know that warranty for the products which consists of the text, “Free Return Delivery”, will surely please them. If these products do not function well and need to be fixed or substituted, ZawGyi Mart will come and get the products, take them to the service center and bring them back to the customers for free when they are proper and in good condition. ZawGyi Mart is a pioneer which provides that kind of service in Myanmar.